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Please join us on the ground floor of a critically important effort to provide grief counselling, programs, and support during the most difficult journey of a child's life- grappling with the death of a parent or sibling. This is something now greatly exacerbated while we as a society attempt to deal with a general crisis of 'pandemic-like' proportions in our children's and youth's mental health.

Your support can NEVER be more impactful as it is now- you will literally be supporting into existence a beacon of hope and light for our youngest and most vulnerable who today find themselves in desperate need of your support.

Any donation made in the below $5,000+ categories will be honoured with a place on our "Founders Wall" which will be prominently displayed both on our website and in our Lobby.

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Please email us at for more information and to learn about the benefits that come with your generous donation and inclusion on our Founders Wall.

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